Ganemulla Flyover to be completed by this year end

The construction work of the Ganemulla Flyover which is being built as a solution to the traffic congestion is now at the final phase. This will be vested with public at this end of this year.

The flyover is built under the Sustainable Development Program, initiated under the directive of President Maithripala Sirisena with the objective of easing the day to day life of the people island-wide.

This flyover which is built at a cost of Rs. 1760 millions under British Iron Bridges Project of Road Development Authority is 504 meters long.

Every day a large crowd gathered in Ganemulla, one of the main cities in the Gampaha District, for their daily needs and there is a heavy traffic congestion due to the railway line running down the middle of the City. Even though the people faced many difficulties as a result of this over a long period of time, not any government pay their attention in this regard.

Under the directive of President Maithripala Sirisena and under the supervision of the Road Development Authority the construction works of the Flyover was expedited.



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