This is what Daham Sirisena did after hearing Dewmini’s sad story

Dewmini, who lives in Pandukandewatta, Ayagama, Rathnapura, is a brilliant student who often wins the first place of the class at examinations. She received the highest marks from the model papers she answered together with the students who are going to sit for Year 5 Scholarship Exam this year together with her. Dewmini’s father died and she is being brought up by her mother whose livelihood is sewing dresses.  

Dewmini continued her studies through many difficulties, sometimes even without sufficient amount of food. Adding more misfortune, her house was destroyed due to floods recently. Her mother told the media that re-building of the house will only be a dream for her. Everybody who watched that statement in media was saddened about their pathetic situation.

Mr. Daham Sirisena, son of President Maithripala Sirisena, who watched this news yesterday went to the place and observed what had happened. He made a promise to build a house for Dewmini and her mother in a proper place as soon as possible.

He met the Chief Incumbent of Nedun Rajamaha Viharaya in Kiriella, Ven. Handapangoda Mahinda Thero, and former Sripadasthanadhipathi Handapangoda Wimala Thero at that location and discussed about the possibility of finding a land.

It was revealed that Mr. Daham Sirisena is going to build this house without any provisions of the government. He will use the donations of his private contacts to build this house.

After learning this, the Theros extended their willingness to donate a land extent of 20 perches, owned by the temple and promised to chant seth pirith on the day the foundation stone is laid to construct the house for Dewmini and her mother.




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