Daham, fulfilling his pledge, lays foundation stone for Dewmini’s house within a week

Daham Sirisena Dewmini House Flood
Daham Sirisena Dewmini House Flood

After learning about the tragic story of a talented student Dewmini, who lost her house in floods caused by the severe weather conditions experienced in the country, Mr. Daham Sirisena visited the area where she lives last Thursday (14) to inquire into the incident. Dewmini lives in Pandukade Estate, Ayagama in Ratnapura District, and she is scheduled to sit for the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination next year. She had lost her father too.

Later inspecting the little Dewmini’s devastated house, Mr. Daham Sirisena promised to construct a new house swiftly in a suitable place for Dewmini and her mother.

Today (22), exactly a week after giving the pledge, a foundation stone was laid to construct a new house for little Dewmini, by Mr Daham Sirisena at the auspicious time of 10.15 a.m. amid Seth Pirith chanting of the Maha Sangha of the area.

The Kiriella Nadun Rajamaha Viharaya donated the required land to build this house and Mr. Daham Sirisena has planned to build this house within next 3 months without taking funds of the Government and by only getting the support and assistance of the persons known to him.

Expressing his views further, Mr Sirisena said that he is expecting to build several houses for the benefit of poor affected people without any involvement of the government and invited people who are interested in helping the poor, to contribute for this worthy task.



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